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Types of Maintenance Contract Agreements

  1. Comprehensive maintenance
    - Normal servicing and maintenance
    - 24 hours emergency callback service are covered
    - Most major spare parts due to ordinary wear and tear are covered

  2. - Benefits:-

    1. Undivided responsibility
      Fully trained personnel look after planned, maintenance including replacement of worn parts, adjustments and safety checks.

    2. Long term protection of your investment
      Regular, properly planned maintenance prolongs the life span of your equipment. Breakdowns (which are costly to put it right) and subsequent unplanned cost of equipment service is reduced to the minimum.

    3. Easier budgeting
      The equipment is maintained at known annual costs. No surprise bills, no complicated paperwork.

    4. Fully organized spares service
      Fully standardized Toshiba spares and tools are available at all times from our store facilities and factory in Penang. Priority services are provided to our customers with extended comprehensive coverage.

    5. Repairs
      Repairs and replacement of every functional part of your equipment for e.g. hoisting ropes, governor ropes, traveling cable, motor, controller, door accessories, printed circuit boards and etc. are covered.

  3. General maintenance
    - Normal servicing and maintenance
    - 24 hours emergency callback services are covered
    - Spare parts are excluded

  4. Caretaker maintenance (applicable for vacant building)
    - Servicing and maintenance on a quarterly basis to prevent deterioration of elevator equipment
    - Elevator will be switched off after each service
    - Spare parts due to ordinary wear and tear are still covered if under comprehensive caretaker maintenance


Total customer satisfaction

Ultimate goal in providing total customer satisfaction:-

  1. Spare Parts
    Spare parts of extensive range is kept in Kuala Lumpur for all equipment and also in the manufacturing plant in Prai.

  2. Toshiba Service Centre
    Toshiba Service Centre was set up in Penang to provide technical back up service to all Toshiba equipments maintained by approved agents in South East Asia, Taiwan and Hong Kong. They provide training, back up service and consolidate information of all companies in this region.

  3. Modernization
    Ageing equipment can be modernized to latest state-of-the-Art technology at competitive cost instead of total replacement with minimal downtime and disruption.

  4. Other types of upgrading
    1. Vandal Resistant elevator car operating panel and hall call panel using button with Braille.
    2. Other innovative touch button.
    3. Scratched resistant/mirror etched stainless steel/plastic laminates/laminated mirror for elevator car wall finish.
    4. Enhanced elevator ceiling with downlights and mirror stainless steel ceiling frame or retaining existing frame.
    5. Elevator car floor tiles.
    6. Elevator car door sensor with infra-red beams.
    7. Security Card Access/CCTV System.
    8. New Electronic/Information Display/LCD Display Screen/Hall Lantern.
    9. Speech Synthesizer
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