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Three basic criteria to consider when designing the elevator systems for a building

  • The capacity of the elevator (number of persons)
  • The speed of the elevator (mpm)
  • The number of the elevators required

These criteria applied based on the type of building which is



An elevator to every 250 persons, i.e if the building occupancy is 1000 persons, the number of elevators required will be 1000/250 = 4 (elevators)

Speed of the elevator shall be selected by multiplying the number of storey of the building by 10, i.e speed of elevators shall be 15x10 = 150 (mpm)

Capacity of the elevator for smaller office buildings can be either 13 or 15 persons while larger building requires 17 persons or more




An elevator to every 500 occupants

Speed of the elevator can be half of the speed for office building

Usually smaller capacity elevator is used. However 15 persons capacity stretcher type elevator is the popular choice




An elevator to every 150 guest

Speed of elevator is 7.5 times the number of storey of the building

Depending on the type of building, one can choose something close to the above by going 1 or 2 notch lower or 1 notch higher



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