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In addition to the sales and marketing of elevators and escalators in Malaysia, the company also provides free consultation and design services.

We also undertake projects to supply, install, test, commission, maintain and repair elevators and escalators for residential, commercial, hotel and office developments.

I) Project Management
This Department which has been responsible for the successful implementation of many projects consists of a strong and mature team of Engineers and supervisors with extensive experience in the elevator industry. Our team of elevator adjusters/testers is also one of the largest in the region.

II) After-Sales Service
We provide after-sales and round-the-clock (24 hours) maintenance services throughout the year. Our Engineers and technicians back these services.

III) Quality Control & Quality Assurance of Services
Self-regulatory quality control systems are built into all aspects of our work: from delivery, installation, testing and commissioning to maintenance and repair.

As an independent Quality Assurance Department regularly conducts random inspections to ensure that the elevators and escalators are satisfactorily maintained and all quality standards and safety regulations are adhered to.


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